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Chu Kuangren (楚狂人) is the main protagonist of Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws.


A handsome young man who appeared to be 15 or 16 years old.

Chu Kuangren walked over to the copper mirror in the house and looked at himself. He felt that there was suddenly a refined and pure aura around him. In addition to his handsome face, it was just as though he embodied a deity that had been banished to the world of the living.

In one word, he was handsome.In two words, he was bloody handsome.


Warm, Kind and Protective towards his friends.

Cold, Arrogant and Ruthless towards his enemies.

God king Piao xue described him as 'The man’s pride was higher than the sky, and it was as if no one was worthy of his attention. His arrogance was deeply rooted in his personality.

People like him would usually end up in three ways.

He would either die to his arrogance, be taught a lesson by the world to conserve his arrogance, or surpass everything else and become the one and only existence throughout the history of the universe'


Before transmigrating, he was playing an online Xianxia game and the Fantasy Roulette was a plug-in his roommate introduced to him.

Chu Kuangren was an outer sect disciple of Black Heaven Sect and was very popular there thanks to his handsome appearance.

His face, however, brought its fair share of problems as well. A True Elder Martial Sister fancied him because of this face of his and wanted to take him in as her personal male companion she wanted to keep him.

Even though Chu Kuangren was an outer sect disciple, he was arrogant and repulsed at these underhanded methods to achieve meteoric success in his career. As such, he sternly rejected her on the basis of righteousness.


  • Banished Immortal Aura:
  • Invincible Dao:
  • Heavenly Dao:



Divine Powers[]

  • Eye of Revelation:


Sage Techniques[]

Sage Ruler Techniques[]

  • Human Mountain Stamp:
  • Gluttonous Devour

Emperor Techniques[]

Immortal Techniques[]

Cultivation Techniques[]

  • Invincible Law:
    • Grade: Profound Mystery > Seal of Proof
      • Heaven and Earth Reversal:
  • Only Thought:
    • Grade: Profound Mystery > Seal of Proof
      • Fire Lotus
      • Heaven and Earth Death
      • Absolute Silence, Planetary Destruction



Descendant Self Sword ---> Dao Proclamation Descendant Self Sword (Ch.1032)

  • Grade:
    • Sacred (Honorable) Weapon : Ch.8
    • Sage Ruler Weapon : Ch.141
    • Boundary Emperor Weapon : Ch.434
    • Emperor Weapon (Likely Heavenly Imperial) : Ch.656
    • Daoist Weapon : Ch.762
    • Heavenly Daoist Weapon : Ch.862
    • Earthen Immortal weapon : Ch.1032
    • Arch Gilded Immortal Weapon : Ch.1288 (900 Dao Proclamation Seals as of Ch.1288)
    • Almost Rivals Embodier Weapons : Ch.1388 (1000+ Dao Proclamation Seals as of Ch.1388)
    • Hongmeng Supreme Weapon : Ch.2127
  • Details:
  • Obtained:


  • In the story, he was portrayed as the most handsome person in the entire multiverse.
  • He was originated from the Black Heaven Sect which located in the Azure Dragon Domain.
  • Meanwhile, there was an even more shocking revelation throughout the story, that it was just simply considered to be one of the domains situated in the insignificant Firmament Star, under the management of the Violet Gold Galaxy, one of the galaxies in the Pangu Universe.
  • Chu Kuangren’s original name meaning "楚狂人" could also be translated as the "Madman Chu", which it would further implying that he himself was indeed a madman within the storyline.


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